Best storing system

Posted in Tests by admin on May 4th, 2010

When you are working with computer data such as documents, pictures, videos etc you need to store them somewhere. Depending on your amount of data you might more storage room than the basic 80Gb or so from a basic computer harddrive. You need something secure, with a big capacity and quick and if you are looking for something transportable there are several solutions possible. You could upgrade your internal harddrive by replacing it with a more recent one with more capacity or you could if you have the room impliment and additional internal harddrive. Both these methods involve opening the computer and changing manualy certain components, therefore a certan amout of knowledge is necessary, it might not be the best option for someone with no computer skills.

An other way would be to buy an external harddrive, this component would be separate and would not need any installing. You can simply plug it in to the computer with a USB cable. However the storage capacity would be limited to about 1-2 To. Which actually is a lot, but you might need more. If you are still wanting to be able to transport such devices with you can simply get more external harddrives.

Depending the amount of data, if you are for example a company, you would not need to transport all your data, therefore the best solution would be a centralised server. On which you could store all the data you want and this would create a network in you company. If you do get a server you must not forget to do regular back-ups. The best way is to use magnetic tapes which have a big storage capacity and can be read by servers. Servers nowerdays provide unparalleled performance and speed.

Companys provide such services so you do not even have to worry about your personal server. They offer instant access to your digital content and data. Along with a smaller storage footprint and the best data and antivirus security, so that you can have peace of mind. Securtiy on servers is really important, hackers often find bugs or small issues in the system and use theses to hacking into your server, and then either steal your information or use your sever for illegal activities. Therefore simply updating the protection software is the best way to protect yourself, and if you employ a company to do this for you, you will never forget it and it will be handled effeciently by someone else.

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